Latest WITTMANN product developments:

Schematic diagram of additional servo rotation axes.


New automation options for the medium clamping force range.

Available from June 2021: the upgraded WX153 robot from WITTMANN – the ideal automation solution for injection molding applications on machines with clamping forces from 500 to 1,300 tons.

S-Max 3
WITTMANN S-Max 3 screenless granulator with additional feeding shaft.

A WITTMANN S-Max 3 screenless granulator with optionally available built-in feeding shaft offers many advantages. The feeding shaft helps to avoid bridging, especially in case of grinding long runners and flat parts.

TEMPRO plus D L120
New WITTMANN temperature controller: the ultimate power package.

For efficiency in operation, injection molding production with large and heavy molds requires high heating capacity on the one hand, and correspondingly high flow rates in the cooling channels on the other hand. The new WITTMANN TEMPRO plus D L120 temperature controller is the perfect solution for such tasks.

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